Saturday, February 6, 2010

Well, maybe I should start selling sheep's milk instead. This coat is some different than what I was hoping for. The one good thing is that it is a seamless felted coat but better fit for an artic explorer than a sheep shepherd! The below picture is a sample of the SBF wool felted. I have learned from this project that samples are really important. I should have backed this sample with the wool I planed to line my coat with and I would have realized that the two wools felted so differently that a better choice of wool combos should have been used. The brown wool lining ended up not felting untill the coat was almost finished making the otter SBF wool a bit harder and over felted than is desirable.

SEE WHAT I MEAN? Antartica here I come!

I continued to full it more after this pic was taken and will shpe it (or try) and add a collar. I'll post the final coat when finished.

After a very cold night my coat (out in the unheated greenhouse) stood on it's own.

This photo is after the first fulling.

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