Sunday, January 17, 2010


I had enough sun this morning comming thru the clouds to continue working in the greenhouse until late afternoon. I got layer 3 done and begun layer 4. The weather is going to go down hill for a few days so I picked & piled a stockpile of locks from Cookie's fleece so that I can work in the shed tomorrow with a woodstove.
It's a lonely job, this felting! I can't wait to get to the next step and start soaping & wetting it down.

King of the Barn

Duck up-date at end of today's blog

COOKIE in a compromising position

This is a camel & yak down felted endevour I haven't quite finished

Felt class in August 09

I was able to take a "traditional Turkish rug making class with a woman over from Shropshire, England this past summer.

woops, don't know what happened here

Close-up of layer 3

Just starting layer 4. Each layer I start the edge in a new direction

Overlapped tips on edges

Combed lock, stretched out, ready to layer

Rugs really getting thick now on layer 4


Tomorrow is calling for rain so I'll have to work in the Bearhouse, which is right outside the greenhouse. ( My sister used to make stuffed bears in it)

Its already pretty full of bags of wool.

But it's pretty cosy in there once the woodstove is lit.

Late today Weedy was able to drink water. I put some Gator-aid in place of his water and he liked that too. Gator-aid is great to give sick birds a helping hand when they arn't yet eating. Tomorrow's another day of duck care & felt prep.

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